Shockwave Multistroop demonstration

The program below is a demonstration of the Shockwave Stroop application. Hosted on the owner's web server, this allows the owner to present any of the Stroop tasks to remote users, just as in the demonstration here. The owner may choose to present a single task, or, as demonstrated here, a sequence of tasks.

In the demonstration, the tasks preseented are:
1: Mouse training - training the subject to click coloured buttons in response to coloured stimulii.
2: The classic Stroop test
3: Emotional Training - response training to coloured words
4 :Emotional Stroop test - present neutral and emotional words
5 :Pictorial Stroop training - training with images surrounded by a coloured border
6: Pictorial Stroop task
7: Image Pairs task - present pairs of images, click on the colour surrounding the positive image

We've set the fixation time and post trial pause to fairly short values, to enable you to go through the tests quickly - these values may be set by the owner.

In the IMAGE PAIRS task, we present images of fast food and more healthy options - the task is to click the colour surrounding the healthy option. This approach might be used for attentional training and was used as part of the AACTP.

Results - these are normally returned to the owner's web server as plain text files. In this demonstration, they may be viewed upon completion of the task sequence.

To run the tests again, click your browser 'Refresh' button.