Bagha Chal - 'Moving Tigers' (Instructions below)

This is an ancient game from Tibet, and is often played on a beaten brass board, with figures cast in brass. The tigers try to eat the goats by jumping over an adjacent goat to an empty point (as in the game of draughts), whilst the canny goats will try to prevent this by herding together and blocking the tigers in.

In this computer version, you get to play the goats, with the computer playing the tigers.

The game starts with the 4 tigers in the corners, and your 20 goats off the board.

Game phase 1:
In phase 1, you drag a goat from the herd onto a point on the board. If you miss the point, or try to make an illegal move, the goat will let you know!
A tiger will move.

You can't move a goat yet - not until you have placed all of your goats on the board.

Game phase 2:
With all of your goats in place, the game enters phase 2. You may click on and drag a goat to an empty, adjacent point.

Game Objectives:
Your task is to try and position your goats so that the tigers cannot make a legal move.

However, the tigers will try to eat the goats by jumping over them to an empty point - it's a bit like draughts. If the tigers manage to eat 5 goats, your game is over.

Good luck!

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