This is a demonstration version of the Welsh Language version of 'Sentence Pumper' - known as 'Pwmpiwr Brawddeg'.

This demo version gives you an idea of the program, although some features have been removed to allow faster downloading.

Choose from the 'Look & Copy' or the 'Look/Cover/Copy' options.

When the sentence appears, type it in.

Some of the accented characters are not available from a standard keyboard - click on the required letter from the grid, lower right.

If you have selected the 'Look/Cover/Copy' option, the sentence will disappear when you start to type. To have a peek at the sentence, click and hold on the 'Dangos' (Reveal) lever.

When the sentence is complete, click on the 'Nesaf' (Next) lever.

This demo version presents just 3 sentences.

The CD version has sentence lists compiled from 'O Gam I Gam', and teachers may easily add any other material.

The program keeps track of all pupil responses, and will save a report file.

The English version has text-speech to read out the sentences.


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