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Some FREE learning games

Over the years, we've written many little programs - partly for fun, partly in response to requests from teachers on SENCO-FORUM. This gallery allows you to run the programs in your web browser, or, in some cases, to download a file to run on your computer. Have fun!

To play any of these demonstrations you will need the Shockwave player installed on your computer. If you can see a spinning globe below then everything is ready to go. If not, then click on the link (right) to download the free Shockwave plugin for your browser.

A desktop analogue clockAnalogue Clock
On this page you'll find a fairly simple analogue clock. It's large enough to be displayed on your whiteboard and, if you download the archive file (from here) you can place it anywhere on your desktop. It includes an alarm feature so that you can be warned when break time is approaching.

Next up we have AlphaZap which many of you may remember from the Acorn RiscOS program: Alpha Sounds. Turn up your speakers really loud and give it a try.

Best of luck commander!

AlphaSort is another conversion from the Acorn RiscOS program: Alpha Sounds. All you have to do is choose which tile corresponds to the required letter position.

AlphaCard winds up the set of games from the Alpha Sounds program. You need to match the motif on each card to its corresponding table marker. Once a card is picked up you get to see what image is on it but it has to be moved to the empty place.

New to this version are a range of different tasks: Match pictures to letters or lower case letters to capitals

Tumbling DieThis is a virtual die which can be helpful in teaching early maths skills. As an added feature it has been designed so that it can be used with a one or two button switch box. If you want to run it in machines that aren't networked then you can download the archive from here

Suffixing has finally been converted by ourselves from the old BBC range. Prior to its formal release it is possible to see exactly how the program looks by trying it out for free. All the educational content of the final release is included; all that is missing is the sampled speech, report tracking and worksheet generation.

Bagha Chal - 'Moving Tigers'

This is an ancient game from Tibet, and is often played on a beaten brass board, with figures cast in brass. The tigers try to eat the goats by jumping over an adjacent goat to an empty point (as in the game of draughts), whilst the canny goats will try to prevent this by herding together and blocking the tigers in.

The Slavonic Abacus

This page shows an implementation of the Slavonic Abacus. As well as being able to play the encapsulated movie in a web page you can also download an offline version by clicking here. To learn more about it we have made some notes available (as a Word document).

Chi Squared Calculator

This is a simple little application that will calculate the Chi Squared result for the data that you enter.

The Punctuation Quiz game will allow you to try out one section of our Punctuate program online. This adaptation of the program will not allow you to change any of the settings available in the full version and also lacks the speech engine. To keep the file size down the graphics have also been downgraded. Other than that it is a faithful representation of the original.

Punctuate+ Shockwave
This program supercedes the demonstration above as it is a fully working version of our latest addition: Punctuate+ Shockwave. See the Punctuation page for more details. On this page you can try out all the options of our punctuation program but, when you actually run one of the tasks, only the practice sentences for Full Stop and Comma will be presented.

The Stroop test presented in English

This page shows the standard Stroop test presented in English.

The Stroop test presented in Welsh

This page shows the standard Stroop test but presented in Welsh rather than English. All other aspects of the test are the same.

Try out Pwmpiwr Brawddeg online

If you are interested in trying out the Welsh language version of Sentence Pumper online then visit this page for a cut down demonstration of what the program is all about.