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Free 14 day trial for schools

Xavier Software offers a 14 day evaluation scheme for schools. Writing services https://bestwritingservice.ae/ point at this possibility. You may order any of the programs listed below, please include your email address. We will dispatch your programs with an invoice to show the total cost.

Within 14 days, please follow one of the options below:

I wish to keep all of the software:
Please with confirmation, including your own purchase reference code (if any) and forward the invoice for payment.

I wish to keep some, but return the other software:
Please return the unwanted programs and we will send you an amended invoice.

I don't want to keep any of the software:
Simply return all of the programs.

Please select which programs you'd like to try out:
Sounds & Rhymes Soapbox Magic E
Suffixing Sentence Pumper Punctuate
Chatback Air Sounds Pwmpiwr Brawddeg
  USB Phonics Toolbox  


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