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Sentence Pumper

The program's main features
Schools may order a free trial - if the program isn't suitable, simply return it.
  • Practice / reinforce spelling in a sentence context
  • Entertaining presentation with text-speech
  • Hide vowels or other letter combinations to practice learning
  • Extensive vocabulary included
  • Teachers may easily add new content
The program in detail

Sentence Pumper is a simple program for presenting sentences containing words that have been taught individually. The sentence must be typed, and may be presented as a copying or memory task, or as dictation.

Other options include the facility to hide selected letter combinations for the pupil to decode as a cloze procedure.

A text - speech system is included, which will speak any of the words in a range of voices, and the program records all pupil keypresses to save to a record file.

Sentence Pumper and the National Literacy Strategy:
Whilst a large number of graded sentence lists are included, (eg: short vowels, magic-E, consonant blends etc) it is an easy job to create your own material using the built-in text editor. The included word lists cover most of the word groups as listed in the National Literacy Strategy, "List 3 - Specific phonics and spelling work for Years R to 2."

Further details and downloadable demo version:

Download the User Guide and Wordlists

Download a demonstration version.


Some Images of the program in action
You have full control of every aspect of Sentence Pumper You can select how the text will be displayed And choose a spoken dialect that suits you It comes with a massive range of lists but also lets you create your own When you've got everything how you like it you're ready to play Check out which version you're on and check back here for any updates All the help you need is just a mouse-click away There's also a game hidden somewhere



Free trial offer for Schools:

Schools may order this program on a 14 day trial basis. If it does not suit your needs, simply return it.
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