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Welcome to Xavier Software

Xavier Educational Software was formed in the late '80s to produce a range of software titles that would complement the Bangor Dyslexia Unit's teaching scheme. Now known as the Miles Dyslexia Centre, the Dyslexia Unit has an international reputatation for its pioneering work in the field of dyslexia.

At that time the Acorn BBC computer was the dominant computer in schools and the natural choice for us. We developed a large range of programs known as 'Hi-Spell', designed to complement the Bangor Dyslexia teaching syllabus for these machines and, as they were replaced by RiscOS machines, adapted many of the best selling core programs.

As RiscOS machines were later replaced by IBM PC clones running the Windows™ operating system we have recreated these popular programs for this platform.

Other products have included innovative programs designed to assist in speech therapy (Chatback) and a novel webcam fun program, 'AirSounds'.

We also undertake custom programming work, ranging from kiosk design to online cognitive assessment software for psychology researchers and dyslexia assessment.