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Chatback v3

The program's main features
  • THE program for speech therapy and Auditory discrimination
  • Simple vocabulary setup
  • Immediate auditory feedback
  • Sampled record of pupils' progress
  • Download a demo now!
The program in detail

This novel program allows the teacher to present the student with recorded examples of words and listen to how they repeat them.

The aim is to let the student listen carefully to a word and compare their own attempt to reproduce the sound. This process may be repeated as required before moving on to the next word, whilst a separate program allows the pupil to record and save their attempts for checking later https://bestwritingservice.com/

Visual display of phonemes

A useful feature of the program is a display of a mouth saying the appropriate phonemes. When required, this will 'mouth' the sequence making up a word. The editor supplied with Chatback enables the teacher to quickly prepare new word lists.

Some Images of the program in action
The menu is remarably easy to use Creating a new list of words is simple Once created, the vocabulary can be used in the teaching routine .... .... The practice routine .... .... And later on the pupils' attempts can be checked
Reviews and user comments

Speech & Language Therapy in Practice (www.speechmag.com) wrote:

.... USEFUL? It does what it says! It allows you to record individual spoken words and organise them into lists for practice. It’s a bit like a more sophisticated version of the old ‘Language Master’ machine, for those of you with long memories. There are four separate programmes in the package....

Read the whole review here.

Speech Therapist (Canada) wrote:

.... The pupil we were really targeting has made incredible progress. Not only in the aspect of speech but in his confidence in his own learning. Thanks for helping us out in making this available to our students.

SENCO (England) wrote:

.... He was truly amazed it was his voice he was hearing. He asked me to do it to prove it was actually recording. He is desperate now to make his voice sound like the 'teacher'. So many thanks brilliant resource - I wish you could have seen the look of amazement on his face followed by total concentration.

Special Needs Support Officer (Ireland) wrote:

.... I have looked at the Chatback programme from Xavier and I think it is excellent for speech and Language difficulties and the Xavier people are very helpful - continue to be impressed by what this programme can do.

http://techdis.ac.uk/ wrote:

.... The program is easy to use with very clear navigation buttons and good fonts on bright backgrounds.

£15.00 + £3p/p + VAT
£63.75 + £3p/p + VAT