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Airsounds in actionAir Sounds   KS: 1,2,3
Airsounds uses your webcam to place your image on the screen, along with a range of musical instruments. By waving your hand over one, you can start it playing - sometimes just a short note, sometimes a short tune.

Soapbox - Ultra-simple spelling practiceSoapbox
An ultra-simple spelling practice program designed for short, frequent periods of spelling reinforcement. Extensive lists of recorded words, including lists from the National Literacy Strategy and the ability to record your own word lists.

Sounds & Rhymes - CVC words & consonant blendsSounds & Rhymes
All the CVC words and consonant blends you'll ever need! An extensive set of games designed to cover the sounds of short vowels, CVC words, rhyming skills and consonant blends

Magic E - Final, silent 'e'Magic E
Covers the final, silent 'e', with the 'Teacher' section providing animated demonstrations. The 'Practice' game presents a wide vocabulary for testing understanding and teachers can add new words as required.

Suffixing - Learn to extend a wordSuffixing
Moving away from the basics of spelling, Suffixing introduces another set of useful rules. This program aims to lead the pupil through the rules governing the addition of a suffix to regular words.

Pumper - Practice spelling in contextSentence Pumper
An ideal follow-on program to Soapbox, Sentence Pumper provides spelling practice in a sentence context, with Look/Copy and Look/Cover/Copy options. As a text-to-speech engine is used teachers may add lists as required.

Punctuate - Practice for all agesPunctuate
Punctuation practice for all ages, with topics and content easily controlled by the teacher. The text-to-speech engine used means that additional content can be added to the program, including extra content that can be found on our website.

Chatback - Speech therapy and auditory discriminationChatback
Aimed at students with auditory problems or those in need of help with pronunciation, this program encourages a student to listen carefully to a word and them compare it to their own attempt to reproduce the sound.


Sentence Pumper for the Welsh languagePwmpiwr Brawddeg
This is a Welsh language version of our Sentence Pumper program outlined above. It even includes an onscreen keyboard for easier input of accented Welsh characters.