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Multiple mode Stroop Test

This program allows the experimenter to present 4 forms of the Stroop Test:

Classic: (colour names are presented, option to include congruent trials)
Emotional: (present word lists comprised of emotional & neutral words)
Pictorial: (present Images with coloured borders, width optional)
Image Pairs: (present 2 Images with coloured borders, width optional)


The experimenter has full control over the content via a number of plain text word lists and Images.

Options include:

  • 4 or 6 colour (blue, red, green, yellow, & purple, brown)
  • Fixation interval and post trial pause
  • Subject response via keyboard or mouse click / touch screen
  • Number of practice trials
  • Training feedback
  • Image size and border width (Pictorial Stroop)
The Emotional and Pictorial tests allow the use of a separate word/image list for practice trials, whilst all 3 tests have a training mode to gain familiarity with the keyboard or mouse.

The Image Pairs task presents 2 images, drawn from different categories, each surrounded by a coloured border. The task is to click the colour associated with a positive, or neutral image, and will be of interest to researchers interested in attentional training. A similar procedure was used as part of the Alcohol Attention-Control Training Programme (AACTP).


Upon completion, each test will output a plain text file in CSV format. This will contain a record of the responses and timings, along with some summary information such as mean reaction times, percentage correct, etc. These files may be imported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

New for August 2011: Graph Utility

We've now added a simple utility to produce graphs from your results. This program will import your result files and create graphs to show the response times to emotional/neutral stimilii, along with a distraction index. It is included within the main download, or you may download just the graph utility from the link below.



Latest news - January 2012 - internet version released.

We've just completed a Shockwave version of this program which will allow the owner to present these tests to anybody, via an internet connection. Results will be returned to the owner via FTP. Please see the Shockwave demo below, and enquire for further details.

Easy to use:
For the Classic test, just click and start. For the Emotional Stroop, simply type up a list of words to open within the program. The Pictorial Stroop tests will require appropriate images to accompany a typed list of image filenames.

Other Languages:
It is easy for the user to modify the content to allow the use of this program in languages other than English.

Shockwave demonstration:
If you have the Adobe Shockwave plugin for your web browser (similar to Flash), click on the link below to try a demonstration of the local (non internet) version of the MultiStroop program.. This may take several seconds to download. A demonstration of the network version (January 2012) will be found below.
Multistroop Shockwave demonstration

The Adobe Shockwave plugin is freely downloadable from here: Download Adobe Shockwave player

Download an evaluation version:
Click on the link below to download the Multi Function Stroop Test. This is a fully featured program, but it will run only a limited number of trials. To allow the program to run unlimited, it is necessary to purchase a licence.

Download Multi Stroop Test

Some Images of the program in action, click for larger version.


The classic stroop test The pictorial stroop testThe image pairs stroop test

Download the graphs utility:
Click on the link below to download the graphing program (it is included within the main program download)

Download Graphs program


To allow the program to operate freely, you will need to purchase a licence. Two license options are available:

Single User - registered to a named individual, the program may be used only by that person.

Site Licence - The purchasing institution may make the program available to any person within that institution. Typical purchaser would be a university department, making the program available to staff / students.

Single User: £99.50 + VAT
Site Licence: £225 + VAT

To use this program you will need to purchase a licence key. You may contact us directly, or click on the Paypal buttons below to purchase the appropriate licence. This will be forwarded to you within 24 hours of purchase.

Single User: Allows installation onto one computer within your establishment:

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Site Licence: Allows unlimited installations within your establishment:

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