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The program's main features
Schools may order a free trial - if the program isn't suitable, simply return it.
  • Simple spelling practice
  • Straight copy / Look, cover, write
  • Word lists covering ten suffixing rules
  • A demonstration version can be tried online, see below.
The program in detail

Moving on from the basics of spelling which have been covered in our other programs (Sounds and Rhymes covered the easiest of words from CVC to rhyming words and letter blends; Soapbox can be used to reinforce the spelling of any word and includes a comprehensive list of the vocabulary covered by the National Curriculum; Magic E went on to explain the effect of the final 'silent' E) we now provide a means by which pupils can be introduced to another set of tricky spelling rules.

Suffixing aims to lead the student through the rules governing the addition of a suffix to regular words. There are ten different categories that can either be practiced individually or mixed together during a session.

The first of the suffixing tasks will present a word to the student and ask them to identify where the suffix begins. The word will then be split into its two parts before being typed (either from memory or copied from the screen) to complete the task.

A second task allows the student to try and create as many words as possible from four root words by adding various suffixes to them. The more words that can be created the higher the pupil will score.

DEMO VERSION: If you would like to try the Suffixing game, click here to play the program for free (Shockwave plugin required).

Some Images of the program in action
The easy to use menu Split at the suffix Choose a suffix to add Spell the word you created



Free trial offer for Schools:

Schools may order this program on a 14 day trial basis. If it does not suit your needs, simply return it.
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