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Schools may order this program on 14 days trial - if it doesn't meet your needs, simply return it.

Never mind the spud's, heres the hot potatatoes -

teaching punctuation can be fun with Punctuate Plus.

Punctuate Plus offers many benefits over traditional methods:

Trying to teach punctuation skills with paper-based exercises can be so dull - it must be a trial, both for teachers and pupils.

'Punctuate Plus' lets you demonstrate punctuation in an entertaining manner, especially when used with an interactive whiteboard.
In the practice situation, the programs will highly motivate students to decide upon the best punctuation marks, whilst the help texts and text-speech system are a boon to dyslexic pupils who will be guided into making the correct choices. Examples of punctuation, simple and detailed, are available to the student at all times. Additionally, you'll be able to use this program for all ages, making the most of a single resource.

It's easy to add your own new sentences to use within the program, and the speed tests promote skim-reading skills.

Whenever we have been demonstrating our programs, we always like to keep this one for last. Without fail, there is a certain amount of elbow-nudging amongst teachers, with mutterings of, "We could do with this one for ourselves."

FREE Demonstration version available:

You may download an evaluation version of Punctuate Plus (about 13Mb) by clicking here.


A full evaluation has been performed by TEEM and you can find their results here.

"Using the title was a very effective way to achieve the teaching and learning objectives, as it was highly motivating and provided the children with instant responses. It enabled me to explore or explain aspects of punctuation more effectively as it inspired the children to be interested in the subject. It also gave them the all-important instant feedback and a reason to try."

FREE OFFER: Try out Punctuate in your web browser:

If your web browser has the Shockwave plugin (similar to Flash), you can see Punctuate in action by clicking on link, below. This page also shows a link to download the free Shockwave plugin.

Punctuate Demonstration


Some Images of the program in action (click for full size):
Learning about the various punctuation marks Race against the clock to catch the missing mark Engage in a punctuation quiz
Downloads related to this program
  • Adult - A set of sentence lists aimed at older students and adults.
  • National_Literacy - Sentences based on the National Literacy Strategy.


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'Single User' allows the use of Punctuate Plus on one computer. 'Basic Site' allows installation on up to 25 computers. 'Full Site' allows unlimited installations.


Free trial offer for Schools:

Schools may order this program on a 14 day trial basis. If it does not suit your needs, simply return it.
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