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Magic E

The program's main features
Schools may order a free trial - if the program isn't suitable, simply return it.
  • Each of the rules governing the use of a silent 'e' are demonstrated graphically
  • A fun game provides practice with root words and those with the final, silent 'e'
  • New word lists can be created easily
  • Report files track the pupils progress
The program in detail

This program covers the main functions of the final, silent 'e' in English spelling. Also covered are the soft 'c' and soft 'g' sounds, along with /ck to /ke words.

The teacher section employs distinctive animations to present the various spelling points in a lively way, whilst the practice game displays examples of the spelling patterns to reinforce and test the learning of the pupil.

Digital sampled speech is used throughout both programs as an aid to reinforcement and teachers may create their own word lists to use in the practice game (using a microphone connected to the computer).

Another feature of the program is that report files can be saved allowing the teacher to track the pupil's progress.

Some Images of the program in action
Part of the easy to use menu Learning about the various spelling rules The first thing to do is build the spoken word Occasionally one of the words must be spelled And, finally, find the spoken word

Free trial offer for Schools:

Schools may order this program on a 14 day trial basis. If it does not suit your needs, simply return it.
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