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Soapbox v2

The program's main features
Schools may order a free trial - if the program isn't suitable, simply return it.
  • Simple spelling practice
  • Comprehensive word lists
  • Word lists from the National Literacy Strategy included
  • Add your own new content
  • Distraction free teaching environment
The program in detail

Soapbox for Windows has been designed as a simple utility for the practice of spelling. Comprehensive recorded word lists (click here to see just how comprehensive they are) have been included, and it is a simple matter to add your own new word lists, with the option of including a recording of the spoken word.

The display has been kept free of distractions as it is intended that the program is used only for short periods as a backup to teaching.

It is impossible to enter an incorrect spelling and no bad examples may be presented. Help is available throughout, with the program offering clues when necessary.

Some Images of the program in action
The menu places all the important options at your fingertips Soapbox boasts a very large vocabulary set The first part of the task is to find the correct word shape Reinforcement is given by the spelling task



Free trial offer for Schools:

Schools may order this program on a 14 day trial basis. If it does not suit your needs, simply return it.
Please click on 'FREE TRIAL OFFER' to order.